Monday, July 5, 2010

Rogers Family Film by David Betz

My family and I arrived home last night after having been on vacation for a week to find a priceless gift waiting for us in our mailbox from a dear friend.  We were all tired on the drive home from the airport and were looking forward to getting into the house to change into jammies, brush teeth and hit the sack.  I asked my hubby to make a stop at our mailbox so that I could check the mail.  I knew if I didn't do it then that it wouldn't happen until the next day and I was curious to see how much of it had piled up in the past week.  That's when I noticed it: as I was flipping through the pile of stuff I noticed a shiny blue bubble wrapped package (how fitting for the 4th of July!) addressed to me with the return address of David Betz in the upper left hand corner.  The attitude in the car quickly changed as I announced "It's here, it's here, David finished our movie!".  Forget the luggage!  We couldn't get inside the house and to the computer fast enough.  Then we had to pick our jaws up off of the floor while watching it.  We laughed, we teared up, we were blown away.  

My husband and I have been friends with David and his wife, Rachel, for many years.  About 12 years to be exact.  We've gone through happy and sad times together, had babies, been to weddings, been on overnight retreats, had dinner.  The list goes on and on.   Some weeks back they met us at a local park for a couple of hours with their kids and ours and David filmed and photographed our family to create this film for us.  Prior to that he contacted Madaket to get their permission to use their, All the Things You Do.  We will cherish this film always.  A big thank you to David for his time, talent and generosity in capturing us. Thanks to Rachel for her S'mores suggestion, and thank you to the Madaket band for allowing us to use their song!  There are no words to adequately express our thanks. We are so blessed. David, you are the BEST.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, friend!  XO and mwah!

If you haven't already clicked on the links to David's You Tube channel above, please be sure to check him out by clicking {right here}.  

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