Monday, March 29, 2010

Suicide Prevention

I read PostSecret every Sunday.  Frank posted this on the site yesterday, and I feel moved to share it here.  The information below was taken directly from  Check it out.

Dear Frank

I thought about sending a postcard but wanted to share a story without anonymity. I'm a senior at Cornell University and at your PostSecret Event here two years ago, I shared the following secret: "My main motivation for applying to the PhD program in Clinical Psychology was to honor the memory of my three cousins who took their lives by acquiring the training to help alleviate the despair of others."

Recently I received an offer of admission to the USUHS in Bethesda, Maryland where I will be joining the Suicide Behavior and Prevention Laboratory. As soon as I received that offer, I remembered the secret I shared with the audience that night and how deeply meaningful it will be to follow through.

It makes me smile to know I'll be moving so close to where all the secrets are sent and being only a few miles away from someone breaking down barriers in the mental health field in a way science has yet to discover.


I still have good memories of the Cornell PostSecret Event in 2008. And being a basketball fan I enjoyed watching Cornell's team go deep in the NCAAs last week. But I've also been distressed to see the lopsided media coverage of student basketball compared to the half dozen student suicides at Cornell this year.
According to Yahoo, 7,573 news stories were written about Cornell Basketball in the past 30 days. During that same period, only 275 stories were written about the six Cornell students who took their own lives.

Suicide is a secret that we collectively keep from ourselves. But if we can find the courage to tell the painful stories, together, we can take the actions that will bring help and hope to those of us who suffer in silence.

This year over 1,000 college students will kill themselves. March is the month with the highest rate of suicides. Here are five ways you can fight back today.

1. Support the Pick-Up-The-Phone 30-City Tour with headliner Blue October.

2. Tell your story (or your friend's story) and learn how Active Minds can help you fight suicide at your school.
3. Join Congressman Kennedy, HopeLine founder Reese Butler, Jamie Tworkowski and myself in Washington DC, April 12th, for the 6th Annual National HopeLine Network Capitol Hill Press Conference.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Something Good This Way Comes

I can't get enough of these family films by Michel Sandy and Tara Whitney. Just lovely.

Zawadzki Family Film from Michel Sandy on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey, Soul Sister

This song by Train is my favorite song at the moment.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Epiphanie Give-Away

Epiphanie is giving away a Canon 5D Mark Camera Body or a $2500 Gift Certificate to Southwest Airlines to 1 lucky winner!  I'd love to be that lucky winner!  Check out the details here.  The contest runs through March 31st.  

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