Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Mother Huddle

I just discovered a very cool blog called The Mother Huddle (TMH) via Kirtsy.  This is a description of the blog as taken directly from their site:

The Mother Huddle is just as the name suggests-a place where mothers can gather and share all the things they would if they were huddled up on a blanket in the park.  We are a group of mothers scattered across the country with varying interests, talents and ideas that we share with each other  (and anyone else willing to listen) in the form of a blog and seven weekly articles. 

Features of TMH site:
Handmade gift exchange (give a handmade gift, get a handmade gift)
Reader Reviews (fun reviews readers do for us)
Our  weekly articles:
  • Make it Monday (totally random projects you can do yourself)
  • Maria’s Kitchen(the funnest food segment, seriously she’s a hoot)
  • Crafty Kids Corner (fun, crafty things to do with kids)
  • Kate’s Fabulous Finds (product review, or anything fabulous)
  • A Simply~Charmed Life (inspiration for leading a fuller life)
  • Sew be It (fabric, sewing machines, and a seam ripper, need we say more?)
  • The Bullet List (inspiring people get up to twenty bullet points, totally unpredictable!)
The following images were taken from features on their blog:
The Bullet List {Balance and Simplify}

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