Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fuse Plastic Shopping Bags!

See the cute owl pouches above? I saw some just like these featured on Rachel Denbow's blog and couldn't believe how adorable they were. So, I found the creator, SoSheSews, on Etsy and then looked on her profile there hoping to find her website. It was there! On her site she has a link to a fabulous video showing how to fuse plastic bags to then use as a crafting/sewing material. Awesome!!!

But then I remembered that I have already logged about fusing plastic back in January. To heck with it though. I'm reposting about it anyway! I love, love, love this idea. I really must fuse some plastic and make something adorable like these pouches. A makeup bag would be awesome! I still haven't started that quilt though. I'll get to them both eventually though, right?


Mini Baker said...

Those pouches are so clever and cute! Love your blog! :)
-Mini Baker

Anne said...

Love you for posting, Mini Baker! I am so flattered. Your blog is quite adorable. I'm going to bookmark you right now! XO