Thursday, June 18, 2009

Handmade Onesies & Baby Burpies Tutorial, a Follow Up

I did a post at the beginning of May that walked through making a handmade baby girl gift. This is a follow up to that.

I recently made some more embellished Onesies and burpies (burp cloths), and took more pictures this time as I went along. I'm a visual learner, so I thought that the pictures may help any of you out there who like to see the steps.


I selected the font that I was going to use, typed the letters out that I needed for this project, enlarged them, and printed them out. I then flipped that print over and outlined slightly around
the letters with a black Sharpie.

The next step is to cut out a piece of Pellon Wonder Under in a rectangular sheet large enough to cover the letter, trace my "backwards" letter onto the paper side of the Wonder Under, again with a Sharpie, and then iron the Wonder Under onto the wrong side of my fabric of choice.

Once it had cooled off to the touch, I cut out the letter using the outline as my guide. Notice that you don't have to cut it exactly as traced, because the paper will be peeled off in the next step. It helps to use sharp sewing scissors, preferably, the tiny kind that let you trim rounded areas easier. Household scissors probably wouldn't be a good idea for this project because you want your edges to be crisp and clean, not jagged.

So now I had this cute letter 'B' ready to go! I carefully peeled the paper backing off to reveal the sticky backing that would adhere it to the Onesie. I centered the letter to the front of the Onesie and ironed it on using the cotton setting on my iron and applying pressure while moving the iron in a back and forth motion for several seconds.

The final step is to sew completely around the letter using the straight stitch on my sewing machine. Notice how I've removed the plastic sliding cover on the left side of my machine to expose the arm. This allows me to put the Onesie onto the machine and not sew through both layers.

The nice thing about having the letter adhered to the fabric is that there are no pins to mess with while sewing. I sew completely around the letter about say an 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch from the outside edge of the letter. It's important not to sew too close to the edge. The only trick to this is making sure that the back side doesn't get sewn to the front! The pictures below show me sewing the letter on and how the Onesie is adjusted throughout the process.

Notice all of the stitches on my machine? I used a couple of them to do the burpies.

The following pictures show the process I used to make them. Please post any questions that you may have in the comments section. Thanks for following along!


Amy Jo said...

I've made a bunch of the onsies...about 15 over the summer as gifts. I do it the same way that you do, but I like your font better!

Now, the burp clothes. You skimped on the explaination! I've been trying a few different ideas on my own but it sorta looks like you are coving one entire side of the burp cloth with fabric? Tell me more.... :)

Anne said...

Hi, Amy Jo!

For the burp cloths, I eyed how far up I wanted the cloth to be covered in the fabric, doubled that measurement, and added about an inch all around so that I could fold the sides in to make a finished edge. I folded my fabric in half horizontally, to find the middle, and then using the burp cloth as my "template" I folded the sides in to be flush with the width of the cloth. I then ironed those sides to make a nice crease. Then I did the same thing on the top to make a nice flush finish. I then slid the folded fabric onto the bottom (shorter side of cloth) edge like a little sandwich, pinned it, and sewed around the entire perimeter of the fabric. So, both sides are covered in fabric at the bottom of the burpie. I hope that this helps!!! Thank you for visiting and for leaving a commnet!