Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Handmade Baby Girl Gift

Several of my friends have had babies recently, and I haven't sewn anything "baby" in a long while, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to do so. I delivered dinner and this gift to one of those friends this week, and I'm going to try and walk you through how I made them.

For the onesies above, I used Pellow Wonder Under, a fusible interfacing, that I had purchased at JoAnn's over a year ago to create my design. A yard of the interfacing will make several appliques like these. It's sold by the yard and has paper on one side.

I cut out a square/rectangle of the interfacing and a piece of the fabric about the same size--you can eye it, and ironed it to the wrong side of the fabric with a dry iron. The fabric used for the crown and initial were in a quilter's bundle that I also purchased at JoAnn's, but any cute light-weight cotton fabric will work. After ironing, you'd have the right side of your fabric with what looks like a piece of paper adhered to the back side.

Once it was cool to the touch, I drew the crown onto the paper side with a pencil and then cut the design out. You then carefully peel away the paper and have a texture to the back side of the fabric. This is the glue that will stick it to your fabric. You place the design right side up on the onesie and then iron it on using the same dry high heat setting.

The last step is to straight stitch around the entire design about 1/8"-1/4" away from the edge of the design. No pins are needed to hold the design in place, so it goes fairly quickly.

To make the letter "H" I printed out a backwards letter H in one of my favorite fonts: MA Sexy, and then traced around it onto the paper side of the interfacing before ironing it to my fabric. If you can't flip the letter on your computer, or don't know how that's okay. You'd print it out and then flip it by taping/holding it up to a window with your interfacing over it to trace it.

Isn't the back of this one cute? For this little gathered half skirt I grabbed some tulle that I had left over from another project. I cut a strip of about 6" high and folded it in half. I then set my machine to the longest stitch length, I think 5.0 and did a running stitch about a half inch from the joined edges all the way across--do not do a back stitch, but sew straight off of the material. I then did another running stitch about quarter inch from the top. It helps if you do the top stitch thread and your bobbin thread a different color, but isn't absolutely necessary. To gather the material you grab the top threads on one end and then pull while pushing the fabric together to bunch it up. I should have used a much lighter thread for this one, but I still think it's pretty cute for a tiny baby tushy! I also could have tried to remove the gathering stitches after attaching the skirt to the onesie, but chose not to as this won't be a piece that's worn for a long time. Those babies tend to grow out of everything!

For the burpies, I again used some fabric that I already had. I'm pretty sure that I got these prints in the discount bin at JoAnn's, or maybe I just liked them so much that I had to purchase a yard of it. I got the idea for these from another friend who has an infant. She received some really adorable designer burpies and I grabbed one from her and studied it to see if I could duplicate it! I made a little fabric sandwich if you will on the bottom portion of the burp cloth and sewed completely around it to adhere it to the burpie. This way the cute print is on both sides of the burpie. My friend's designer one had a cute little tag sticking out of the side with the company name on it. I folded some ribbon scraps in half and tucked them in the side before sewing around on mine.

Stay tuned. I'm going to a baby shower of another friend next weekend and she's having a boy. My inspiration for her onesie was this. Too stinkin' cute!


Holly Shepherd said...

Anne, I know you'll think I'm awful...but I've been reading your blog weekly since you started but have never commented. I love to see what creative outlet you are into now and of course see glimpses of the kiddos. But I HAD to write about these ABSOLUTELY precious onesies!!!! I have seen those before on Etsy, but yours are so much cuter!!! You really must start selling these, if you haven't already. We should do dinner soon! Smiles,
Holly Shepherd

Anne said...

Holly, I don't think you're awful at all! I've "stalked" blogs myself. I am so flattered that you follow mine and that you like the onesies.

We need to have you, Reid, Holly, Dan and Adam and his wife over for a cookout. SOON! We miss seeing you.