Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cupcake Invites Tutorial

I just saw the cutest Cupcake Invites Tutorial here.  I read Lindsey's blog daily and just love it.  Too stinkin' cute!  She does some amazing things.  I have a ton of scrap paper that's just sitting around because I do digiscrap now.  Looks like I'll have something to do with it!  

I've also seen really cute owl bag tags here that I'm going to have to try soon.  Soon as in who knows when, but soon.  I love horned owls and they're everywhere!  Seriously.  You'll see them on everything if you look!  Check these out!  

Also, these are to die for, and I could totally make them!  I even have some of that vinyl laying around from a project a couple of years go.    

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