Thursday, September 18, 2008

Personalized Name Board

I got a request for a board recently (more like 2 months ago!) and finally got around to painting it on Monday.  I took pictures along the way to share the process for those interested.  The process takes about 4 hours.   


2 x 2 acoustic ceiling tile (if you’re not going to use it for a display board with thumb tacks/push pins to display stuff, you could even do it on a canvas--absorbs less paint!)

foam brush 
artists paint brushes 
acrylic paints in assorted colors 
glitter paint (optional, but fun!) 
black sharpie marker 
black paint pen- medium point 
plastic table cloth (like you buy for birthday parties)
 hair dryer (optional, but speeds up the drying process) 
rope, ribbon, or tulle 

The process:
Place your plastic cloth down so that you don't get any paint on your counter or table.  Using the foam brush, paint the front of the tile your favorite color.  2 or 3 coats should do the job.  Dry with hairdryer a bit.  I put mine on the cool shot setting.  The sides also need a coat  of paint.

Next, paint a background pattern if you’d like.  I did white stripes for this one.  Again, more than 1 coat of paint.  Dry it again.

Using a flat paintbrush, paint the name at the bottom.  If you’re not comfortable doing it freehand, you can lightly pencil it on.  Or, you could type the name out in a cool font and transfer it on with graphite paper.  When painting the name on, I’ve learned to either start with the last letter and work backwards, or start with the middle of the name centered and then do either side.  This way I don’t run out of room for the name!  Big bummer when that happens!  Time for the hairdryer again.

Now you’ll draw your design on the board with the sharpie.  Again, if you’re not comfortable just going for it, use a pencil first.  

Now the board is ready for you to “color in” with the paints.  Almost like coloring a picture in a coloring book.  Stay in the lines!  If you’re going to add glitter paint for some extra fun, save that for last.  

Once you’ve finished painting everything in and the board is completely dry, trace around everything with your black paint pen.  I found some glitter paint in a tube that I squirted out onto the swirly q’s like a pen.  The other was glitter paint that I just painted right on top of the crown, etc. 

Let the board dry overnight and then drill holes in the top (my hubby does this step for me!) to thread your ribbon, rope, or tulle through to hang on the wall. We find the center of the board at the top and then mark like a couple inches or so to either side of that center point and drill.  I push a pencil right into the board where I want the hole to be.  It will be dusty and you’ll need to blow and wipe the particles off.   

To make a hanger either thread both ends of your ribbon, etc. through the front to the back and then tie in a bow at the top, or thread the end from the back to the front and tie in a couple of knots on the front side. 

The tiles themselves are pretty easily broken, so handle with care!  A corner can break off if you’re not careful.  Once it’s on the wall it’s good to go.  I painted a board for my niece one year and a kid fell into it at her birthday party.  I about died!  Luckily my brother-in-law was able to glue it back together and it looked like new.   

Please feel free to post any questions that you may have in the comments section.  


Princess-R-Us said...

Anne, you inspire me!!! You are so darn crafty! lol I love everything you do. Now I need to try this project. :) It looks like fun and so cute! I wish I lived down the street so we could just sew and craft all day long. lol Although I would never get anything else done. :) Love you! XOXO Oh, where do I get those cool ceiling tiles and about how much are they?

Anne said...

Hey, Cindy! I wish you lived down the street, too. We'd have so much fun. You buy the tiles at a Home Depot or Lowe's and you can buy them individually, or by the case. They're pretty cheap. I think if you get them by the case they come out to be $2 buck each or something crazy like that. Love you!

Annelise said...

You are so talented! Even though you have provided the details you fail to realize that I have zero artistic talent and terrible handwriting. You should consider selling them. That is an excellent unique gift. How much would you charge to do that?? I love it.

Anne said...

You are so sweet, Annelise! Thank you. I have sold some, but usually give them as gifts to friends' kids. They're $40.